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Based in Charleston, SC, my paintings are mostly small works on canvas. I work with a mixed media approach using acrylic & gouache. I have recently returned to painting after a hiatus from personal creative projects (also known as: we had a kid and she’s now 4). I am currently exploring the interplay of color, pattern, and abstraction in my work.

My work follows themes of cancer through a personal lens. They are not always specific ideas but come from a place where I try to rationalize hope and a desire for balance. I started working with these themes when I was in college earning a BFA from the University of Alabama. At times, I have abandoned the work because it felt too painful to move on. When I began the first series with these themes my mom had breast cancer.  Breast cancer later led to brain cancer and she endured 2 brain surgeries and enjoyed 10 more years with us. Her body could not fight anymore.  Her spirit was strong but she was tired.  We lost her a few days before her 54th birthday in October 2011.  In October of 2012, my husband Jeff and I welcomed our daughter, Elem, to the world.  It was bittersweet.

After spending a decade in Atlanta after college (working in several different creative careers including being a display artist for Anthropologie and a merchandising manager for a forward thinking tile distributor) we packed up our mid-century modern house and headed to the coast. We sold our home in Atlanta’s best mid-mod neighborhood Northcrest, the one we had worked tirelessly on over the 8 years we called it home. We were coming to the end of our house project and feeling antsy. We were ready for a new adventure and a slower pace of life when Jeff’s company offered him a new position here in Charleston (the perfect backdrop to his career in archaeology). So here we are. Here I am. New to Charleston, loving it, and inspired to get back into painting. Chasing the balance.

Fun Fact:  mod.elem.ents in named after my love of all things mid-century mod and our daughter, Elem!


Jordan Sandlin

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